PR Intern at Ophelia’s Place

I recently began an internship at Ophelia’s Place (OP), a nonprofit organization in downtown Eugene, Ore., that focuses on providing young women with services and support.

The organization offers a wide range of services including skill building, counseling, education, and leadership opportunities. OP also partners with middle schools and high schools in the Eugene area, to provide classroom presentations that focus on the impact of media on body image and gender identity, healthy relationships and dating violence, and bullying, discrimination, sexual harrassment and how to be a helpful bystander.

Since I hope to find a career in nonprofit PR after I receive my bachelor’s degree, I thought this would give me experience working for a nonprofit organization.

OP has a public relations plan, but my goal while I am here for the next year is to help update it and gain more followers via Facebook and increase awareness of the organization, especially from middle school and high school girl. Another goal is to increase the number of media contacts and possibly have a story done in a local paper about the organization, so I am in the process of developing a media kit.

Hopefully my schooling up to this point has provided me with enough knowledge and strategy to help this organization gain awareness and followers!

Like Ophelia’s Place on Facebook:!/OpheliasPlaceEugene

Or, visit its website:


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A student in the School of Journalism and Communication at the University of Oregon working towards a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism, majoring in public relations and minoring in communication studies and French. View all posts by cykada

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